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Training/Speaking for all your aesthetic needs.

Meet the Wrinklegenie™_RN
.....Inspiring Confidence


Welcome to Wrinklegenie™_RN Consulting and Training, an all encompassing  program designed for professionals to provide the necessary tools to create a successful aesthetic practice. I provide an education program in a comfortable, safe place to learn and gather experience and knowledge. A place practitioners can gain insight and understanding, then implement it with hands on and over the shoulder coaching. As a speaker I give a real workd picture and storyline that navigates challenges within the aesthetic industry, I share problem solving skills that have changed the way I navigate with social media, providers and patients. 

 Training includes up to a 2 track program that allows you detailed understanding of facial anatomy, product knowledge, safe techniques and guidelines to keep both you and your patient safe. For training, please fill out and send requested information and I will get back to you soon with details. 

      What you gain, is the product of years of hard work, coffee, and very little sleep. With my love for all things beauty/anti-aging,  my passion for perfecting my trade, and love for gaining new knowledge then sharing insight and pearls with my peers. I’m proud to offer the very best in the world of  aesthetics that focus on education, safety and conservative outcomes. Schedule an appointment today for training or consult. 

For Professional training please email with requested info. Training for both novice and advanced practitioners alike include all products, (neurotoxins, fillers) both on and off label, Blood draw, PRP, Sculptra and Vaginal rejuvenation. Training both for the face and all areas of the body.

You won't want to miss one of my monthly small group sessions either!!

These small groups focus on a few treatments to fine tune skills and dive deep into knowledge of particular techniques that keep you  safe and deliver a natural outcome. Email to find out which one would best fit your need.

 Schedule an appointment today for training or consult. By appointment only, call or email for best available times.

Training Services:

Neurotoxins, Fillers, (on and off label) PRP, Sculptra and Hyperdilute Radiesse (face and body) as well as Vaginal rejuvenation. 

Novice to Advanced 

Investment Starting at $1700. and up for a custom training.


Also now Offering:

 *30 minute Zoom/Facetime Consult and Coaching $399

**One on One Custom Video Training, you learn what you want, as you want in MINI Trainings average 55 minutes $999


Sign up for updated information and early access to promotions. And to Schedule a Video Training or Coaching Session.

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